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        Stainless steel nitrogen making machine in pharmaceutical industry

        Product parameter

        Stainless steel nitrogen making machine in pharmaceutical industry
        Nitrogen generator for injection filling: in the injection filling production process, nitrogen shall be used to replace the air in the bottle to prevent the injection substance, keep the injection fresh and extend the warranty period of the injection. The purity of nitrogen is required to be more than 99.99%. All the pipes of nitrogen generator are required to be food grade stainless steel pipes, and the interface is connected by clamps. In addition to injection filling, there are also medicine preservation, biological raw material preservation, liquid medicine pipeline transportation, etc. which are also used in nitrogen making machine. Inert gas nitrogen is used for medicine packaging, medicine exchange and medicine delivery atmosphere.
        The special nitrogen making machine in pharmaceutical industry is mainly used in the fields of pharmaceutical production, storage, packaging, etc.
        Generally, the water needle (penicillin, etc.) and large infusion (amino acid, etc.) which are easy to oxidize need nitrogen flushing protection, otherwise the liquid medicine is easy to oxidize in the storage period, that is to say, deterioration. Generally, before packaging, the method of nitrogen flushing before nitrogen flushing (or single nitrogen flushing) is used to reduce the oxygen concentration in ampoules or infusion bottles to less than 0.5%, which can guarantee the quality of liquid medicine for a long time. At present, the equipment purchased by general manufacturers is about 5-20 m3 / h, with purity of 99.99%. The difference between medical nitrogen generator and other nitrogen equipment is that due to the GMP standard of the pharmaceutical industry, the parts in contact with drugs or pharmaceutical solutions are made of stainless steel and the requirements for sterilization. The equipment needs to be made of stainless steel, and the nitrogen outlet of the equipment is equipped with a sterilization filter device. It is also because of the high overall requirements of pharmaceutical plants for equipment, usually with high-end configuration.

        There are also API manufacturing plants that also need nitrogen protection, and their nitrogen use process is more like that of fine chemical plants. The purity is usually 99-99.9%, but the dosage varies according to the scale of the factory, but the dosage is much larger than that of the medical nitrogen machine.

        Nitrogen  Generator Technical index


        Nitrogen production

        Feed gas

        Product gas nitrogen



        Atmospheric dew point (℃)

        Residual oil content


        Atmospheric dew point (℃)












        (Lower customizable)



        ambient temperature











        Technical characteristics
        1. The raw air is taken from nature, and only compressed air and power supply are needed to produce nitrogen. The energy consumption of the equipment is low and the operation cost is low.
        2. The purity of nitrogen is easy to adjust. The purity of nitrogen is only affected by the amount of nitrogen exhaust. The purity of ordinary nitrogen production can be adjusted between 95% and 99.99%; the purity of high-purity nitrogen production machine can be adjusted between 99% and 99.999%.
        3. The equipment has high automation, fast gas production and can be unattended. To start and shut down, just press the button once, and nitrogen can be generated within 10-15 minutes after starting up.
        4. The process of the equipment is simple, the structure of the equipment is compact, the floor area is small, and the adaptability of the equipment is strong.
        5. The molecular sieve is loaded by Blizzard method to avoid the pulverization of molecular sieve caused by the impact of high pressure air flow and ensure the long-term use of molecular sieve.
        6. Digital flowmeter with pressure compensation, high-precision industrial process monitoring secondary instrument, with the function of instantaneous flow and cumulative calculation.
        7. Imported analyzer online detection, high precision, maintenance free.
        Contact hotline: 18551584239
        Company email szhbjh@163.com

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        Add:No. 2 Fuxiang Road, Xianglu Industrial Park, Wangting Town, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China.

        E-mail: szhbjh@163.com



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