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        Large PSA nitrogen generator

        Product parameter

        Introduction to process flow

        The ambient air is compressed and purified to remove oil, water and dust, and then enters into a PSA device composed of two adsorption towers filled with carbon molecular sieves. Compressed air flows through the adsorption tower from bottom to top, during which oxygen molecules are adsorbed on the surface of carbon molecular sieve, nitrogen flows out from the upper end of the adsorption tower and enters the coarse nitrogen buffer tank. After a period of time, the oxygen adsorbed on carbon molecular sieve in the adsorption tower is saturated and needs to be regenerated. Regeneration is achieved by stopping the adsorption step and reducing the pressure of the adsorption tower. The two adsorption towers conduct adsorption and regeneration alternately to ensure the continuous output of nitrogen.

        Nitrogen  Generator Technical index


        Nitrogen production

        Feed gas

        Product gas nitrogen



        Atmospheric dew point (℃)

        Residual oil content


        Atmospheric dew point (℃)












        (Lower customizable)



        ambient temperature











         Technical features

        1. The raw air is taken from nature, and only compressed air and power supply are needed to produce nitrogen. The energy consumption of the equipment is low and the operation cost is low.
        2. It is convenient to adjust the purity of nitrogen. The purity of nitrogen is only affected by the amount of nitrogen exhaust. The purity of ordinary nitrogen production is between 95% - 99.999%, and that of high purity nitrogen production machine is between 99% - 99.999%.
        3. The equipment has high automation, fast gas production and can be unattended. To start and shut down, just press the button once, and nitrogen can be generated within 10-15 minutes after starting up.
        4. The process of the equipment is simple, the structure of the equipment is compact, the floor area is small, and the adaptability of the equipment is strong.
        5. The molecular sieve is loaded by Blizzard method to avoid the pulverization of molecular sieve caused by the impact of high pressure air flow and ensure the long-term use of molecular sieve.
        6. Digital flowmeter with pressure compensation, high-precision industrial process monitoring secondary instrument, with the function of instantaneous flow and cumulative calculation.
        7. Imported analyzer online detection, high precision, maintenance free.

        Industry application scope

        1. SMT industry application
        Nitrogen filling reflow welding and wave soldering can effectively prevent the oxidation of solder, improve the wettability of welding, speed up the wetting speed, reduce the generation of solder balls, avoid bridging, and reduce welding defects. SMT electronic manufacturers have hundreds of sets of high cost-effective PSA nitrogen generators, which have a huge customer base in SMT industry, and the share of SMT industry is more than 90%.
        2. Semiconductor silicon industry application
        Semiconductor and integrated circuit manufacturing process atmosphere protection, cleaning, chemical recycling, etc.
        3. Semiconductor packaging industry application
        Nitrogen packing, sintering, annealing, reduction, storage. Hongbo PSA nitrogen generator helps major manufacturers in the industry to win the first chance in the competition, and realizes the effective value promotion.
        4. Electronic components industry application
        Selective welding, purging and packing with nitrogen. Scientific nitrogen inert protection has been proved to be an essential part of the successful production of high-quality electronic components.
        5. Industrial application of chemical industry and new material industry
        Nitrogen is used to create an oxygen free atmosphere in the chemical process, to improve the safety of the production process and the power source for fluid transportation. Petroleum: it can be used for nitrogen purging of pipeline and vessel in the system, nitrogen filling, replacement, leak detection of storage tank, combustible gas protection, and diesel hydrogenation and catalytic reforming.
        6. Powder metallurgy, metal processing industry
        The heat treatment industry applies annealing and carbonization of steel, iron, copper and aluminum products, high temperature furnace protection, low temperature assembly and plasma cutting of metal parts, etc.
        7. Industry application of food and medicine industry
        It is mainly used in food packaging, food preservation, food storage, food drying and sterilization, medicine packaging, medicine ventilation, medicine delivery atmosphere, etc.
        8. Other fields of use
        In addition to the above industries, nitrogen machine is widely used in coal mine, injection molding, brazing, tire nitrogen rubber, rubber vulcanization and many other fields. With the progress of science and technology and the development of society, the use of nitrogen device is more and more extensive. The on-site gas making (nitrogen making machine) has gradually replaced the traditional nitrogen supply methods such as liquid nitrogen evaporation and bottled nitrogen with its advantages of low investment, low cost and convenient use.

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        Add:No. 2 Fuxiang Road, Xianglu Industrial Park, Wangting Town, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China.

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