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        Container nitrogen generator

        Product parameter

        Introduction to process flow
        The ambient air is compressed and purified to remove oil, water and dust, and then enters into a PSA device composed of two adsorption towers filled with carbon molecular sieves. Compressed air flows through the adsorption tower from bottom to top, during which oxygen molecules are adsorbed on the surface of carbon molecular sieve, nitrogen flows out from the upper end of the adsorption tower and enters the coarse nitrogen buffer tank. After a period of time, the oxygen adsorbed on carbon molecular sieve in the adsorption tower is saturated and needs to be regenerated. Regeneration is achieved by stopping the adsorption step and reducing the pressure of the adsorption tower. The two adsorption towers conduct adsorption and regeneration alternately to ensure the continuous output of nitrogen.
        The container type nitrogen generator is a nitrogen generator developed by our company according to the needs of customers, which is suitable for outdoor operation. This product is easy to install, operate and adapt to the environment.

        Nitrogen  Generator Technical index


        Nitrogen production

        Feed gas

        Product gas nitrogen



        Atmospheric dew point (℃)

        Residual oil content


        Atmospheric dew point (℃)












        (Lower customizable)



        ambient temperature











        Product features:

        The installation is simple and fast: the internal cable is pre installed, and the device only needs one incoming cable, which is convenient for users to install;
        Flexible and convenient operation: the device can be started and operated with one key, and can start each equipment one by one according to the regulations;
        Controllable operation record: the equipment operation data is automatically recorded, stored or remotely (optional) online according to the set time;
        Adjustable flow Purity: adapt to various purity and flow requirements, strong flexibility;
        Adapt to harsh environment: for the special design of adaptability to harsh environment such as high and low temperature, sand and dust, it can wait for construction all year round to increase efficiency for users;
        Suitable for various purposes: vehicle and ground applications;
        Reserved auxiliary interface: the external lighting interface and wind vane base can be reserved according to the user's requirements.

        Specific application of container nitrogen generator

        It is suitable for pipeline purging, replacement, emergency rescue, flammable gas and liquid dilution in oil, natural gas, chemical industry and other related fields.

        In order to facilitate the mobile operation, the nitrogen generator can be installed in the container as a whole, and can be moved between different operation areas.

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        Add:No. 2 Fuxiang Road, Xianglu Industrial Park, Wangting Town, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China.

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